Giovanni Lauricella

Managing Partner

Giovanni Lauricella has a Bachelor’s in Finance and a Master’s in Regulatory Affairs in Medical Devices. He has travelled to 40+ countries and has assisted 500+ startups with talent acquisition and fundraising strategies leading to more than 2,000 hires, $300 million in raised capital, and $4 billion in acquisitions. Giovanni is an active board member and angel investor, who brings 15 years of experience designing and building teams for MedTech startups.

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Joseph Snyder


Joseph Snyder has a Bachelor’s in Physiology and Management with a Università Bocconi Certificate for Private Equity and Venture Capital. He has built and managed startups, traveled to 20+ countries, and has assisted 300+ startups with team building and fundraising strategies leading to $1+ billion in acquisitions.

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Alberto Chan

Head of Finance & Corporate Development

Alberto’s professional experience started at a VC/PE firm and subsequently supported the growth of healthcare startups in Brazil, China, and the U.S. Alberto is experienced in fundraising, valuations, building deal flow, product management, and healthcare analytics. His professional track record includes Fortune 500 and startups.

He is passionate about MedTech, Woman’s Health, and Healthcare Analytics.

Alberto speaks Portuguese (native), Chinese, English, and Spanish. He received his MBA from the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University and holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the Industrial Engineering College in Brazil. Alberto brings MedTech startup financial and operational experience to Lifeblood Capital.

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Yulia Yurevich

Business Operations Analyst

Yulia’s professional experience is with U.S. multimedia and capital analytics companies, where she has supported market, production, and operations analysis for comprehensive business publications and economic reports. Yulia’s strength is in startup operations, data analytics, channel marketing, project management, and event organization for industry-focused executives and investors.

She is passionate about refining and augmenting business operations, PR and marketing, industry analysis, identifying, creating, and fostering growth opportunities for entrepreneurial ventures, and her newest passion is the MedTech startup ecosystem.

Yulia speaks Ukrainian (native), Russian and English, and received her PhD in Statistics from the Kyiv National Economic University in Ukraine. With her professional background, Yulia brings financial, marketing, and operations analysis support to Lifeblood Capital.

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