What's in a name?

We thought long and hard about our name. Ultimately, the MedTech industry and our network is what inspired us.

On our podcast, MedTech Money, we ask every entrepreneur and investor, “Do you believe that people and money are the lifeblood of MedTech startups?” All guests have responded, “yes.” This got us thinking. If entrepreneurs and investors believe that human and financial capital are the lifeblood of MedTech startups, and our core competencies are talent acquisition and fundraising strategies for MedTech startups…don’t we provide access to “lifeblood capital” for MedTech startups? When our answer was, “yes,” that is when we realized we found our name.

What's in a Logo?

While on a family holiday in Vermont, we held a brainstorming session and asked two questions, “What do the journeys of MedTech startups signify?” and “What do we do for MedTech startups?” After tossing around ideas, we found the Babylonian concept of squaring the circle, which signifies pursuing the impossible. We believe that MedTech startups certainly pursue the impossible.

A few days later, we had another creative session – this time, at a bar in Boston. We simplified what we do to supporting MedTech startups. On a napkin, of which we still have this napkin, we sketched the squared circle on top of an “L” to symbolize that Lifeblood supports pursuing the impossible. We were happily surprised when we realized that we now had both an “L” and a “b” for Lifeblood. The L and the squared circle have imperfect edges to represent the imperfectness of startups’ development and a crisp square around the L and squared circle because we do our best to be classy professionals.

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