Our philosophy is a North Star for conducting business built on integrity.

Lifeblood Capital (LBC) is entwined in the MedTech entrepreneurial ecosystem. Without developing a philosophy on how LBC conducts business with its industry touchpoints of startups, investors, and individual professionals, LBC would be lost.

Companies’ brands and reputations are vital for sustainability and growth. Startups trust LBC to represent their brand and protect their reputation as LBC carries their stories and opportunities to the market of candidates and investors. LBC becomes an extension of a startup’s image to the industry and LBC takes that responsibility seriously.

Time is a scarce resource and credibility is vulnerable. LBC builds relationships with investors to understand their investment theses and fund dynamics in order to share appropriate startups for assessment for capital. LBC strives to protect investors’ time and maintain its credibility with investors by introducing startups that are germane to their interests.

Careers and reputations can be fragile if not cared for, protected, or guided properly. For 15+ years, Lifeblood Capital has been building relationships with MedTech professionals, and we know the importance of confidentiality. LBC is in the business of making relationships and not breaking relationships. The trust that LBC builds with its network is a focal point, respected, and cherished.

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