December 2022

MIDI Product Development

MIDI is an award-winning strategic turnkey, FDA, and ISO compliant product development consulting firm with over 45 years of experience servicing domestic and international clientele representing medical, life sciences, and home healthcare markets.


Veranex enables accelerated speed to market, controlled development costs, development risk mitigation, and accelerated market viability assessment by offering expert guidance from concept through to commercialization and across the development continuum. accelerates medical device development and clinical trials with an end-to-end digital twin and simulation solution based on an ever-expanding database of real clinical data to reflect anatomical variability, demographic diversity and pathological conditions.

Outcome Capital

Outcome Capital is a highly specialized life sciences and healthcare advisory and investment banking firm, providing innovative companies with a value-added, market-aligned approach to mergers & acquisitions, partnering and corporate finance.

Smartpath AG

Smartpath AG provides specialized problem solving services for medical device startups and medium enterprises facing developmental, manufacturing or regulatory challenges.

MedTech Strategies

MedTech Strategies is a boutique consulting firm focused on medical technology that offers specialized expertise in identifying opportunities for commercial growth, value creation and strategic development.

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